Bertus Gieskes is born in Apeldoorn (the Netherlands) in 1981 and started drawing at a very early age. He began writing graffiti in 1995 and got his first tattoo soon after. Started a job as a graphic designer and in the meantime he got tattooed a lot more. Bertus is working as a tattoo artist since 2007. He only uses black ink for his tattoos, which are inspired by the anatomy of the body.

His murals (in contrast to his tattoos) are loose and colorful. Tattoos are made with the utmost precision and detailing. His paintings arise mostly during the process. The main subject, in his tattoos as well as his paintings, is the human form. In tattooing as a canvas and in his paintings as subject. To get tattooed in his private studio, you’ll have to make an appointment by e-mail.